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In this edition you can find our latest job opportunities, upcoming events, updates from our community, news about our top priority cause areas, and ways you can help advocate.

Before we get started, we’d love to know:

What motivates you to use a portion of your income to help others?

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We’re hiring a Developer/Technical Product Manager to help build, maintain and develop our website and pledge dashboard. …

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We’ve finished up the 2020 giving season with our biggest year on record!

Welcome to our 1,787 new pledges and thank you to all of you who’ve continued to use your income to help improve the lives of others

We hit some incredible milestones in 2020: 5,000 members of The Pledge, $200M in reported donations, and $2B pledged in total.

So far our members donated more than $16 million in 2020 alone!

Members: If you’ve not yet reported your 2020 donations, we encourage you to do so using the pledge dashboard.

Reporting using the pledge dashboard gives you a convenient…

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The United States government has finally passed a $900 billion Covid-19 stimulus, including a one-time $600 payment to individual Americans.

For many people, this will be an essential part of helping them meed ends. The pandemic has furthered the inequality already present in America and extreme poverty across the globe is set to rise this year for the first time in more than two decades.

You might be one of the fortunate people who has been able save more money during the pandemic (e.g. …

“Social change happens one person at a time.”
“If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

These aphorisms can seem platitudinal, overused, and redundant. However, I often remind myself that they point to a deeper truth that we really need to let sink in, and continually remind ourselves of.

They relate to two core ideas that are simple, evidence-based, and important to keep front of mind:

  1. Social proof: people are more likely to do what other people are doing; and
  2. Social norms: if you take action and lead…

Communities often demand a constant source of nurturing for healthy maintenance and growth.

Meet-up events are a great way to do this but organising such events can be exhausting and time consuming. Especially, the complex ones that need preparation and a hired venue — speaker events, presentations and discussion groups, for instance.

A great strategy for relieving stress on the organisers, while maintaining the momentum and growth of your community, is to organise “attends” or “goes to” events.

These events don’t need you to curate the core content because someone else has already done the hard work.

Think of all…

As the Australian political landscape continues to race to the bottom, remember this: we have options. Especially because in our country your vote can go a lot further with a preferential ballot (and a proportional senate).

A redefining of the political spectrum and a switch to a conversation around policy instead of personality and a focus on optimism instead of division is possible if we speak up with our votes and our voices.

As flawed as it may be, we live in a democracy still. Now is the perfect time to be a good citizen and engage with our future…

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A lot of our human behaviour is motivated by negative emotions, or “sticks”, such as guilt, fear, shame, or entitlement.

These behaviours wouldn’t exist if they weren’t “useful” (in an evolutionary psychology sense), just like many other heuristics (or “biases” in the negative sense).

However, just because things may be useful (instrumental in achieving specific goals) it doesn’t meant that they’re necessarily optimal for human flourishing.

If you’ve trained an animal in recent years you’ll probably have noticed that many animal behaviorist focus on carrots more than sticks.

Instead of removing these emotions entirely I’ve tried to “hack” some of…

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Eating one of my 25 cent pasties

It’s day 26 of my living on less challenge and so far I’ve averaged AU$1.88 per day for my food, taken 3 train trips and been a passenger in a car four times.

I’ve raised an AUD equivalent of $2,942 to support some of the most effective charities helping to improve the lives of people in poverty.

It’s not been a walk in the park by any means but I’ve certainly learned a lot.

When I started writing this post I thought it’d be a few quick lessons — it turns out I was very wrong and I’ve in fact…

Luke Freeman

Striving to be a force for good in the world. Motivating people to give more effectively as ED of Giving What We Can. Former CEO @ Positly / Growth @ Sendle

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